Downtown Dallas creates a net-zero city block of affordable housing

Central Dallas Community Development Corporation, in collaboration with the Rocky Mountain Institute, to create 500 units of affordable housing.

An underutilized surface parking lot
In 2009, the Central Dallas Community Development Corporation announced a $60M plan to redevelop a 2.5 acres downtown parcel into a leading-edge sustainable, mixed-use affordable housing project.  The program was for 500 units, 40% of which were to be at 60% AMI or lower.  The project was to be carbon neutral, produce zero waste, including storm water, and divert 75% of waste during construction. The site was a high-profile city block located between City Hall and the convention center, underutilized as a surface parking lot.  With the endorsement of Mayor Tom Leppert and working in collaboration with the Rocky Mountain Institute, the Development Corporation intended this to be a national model of affordability and sustainability for urban revitalization.

FIX’s Role
FIX was brought on to help the Development Corporation define a roadmap for accomplishing the project, including specific design criteria and metrics, formalize the development strategy, and create initial design feasibility studies.  Working in collaboration with facilitation team, Urban Re:Vision, FIX guided Dallas city planners, consultants and the development team through a series of charette-style workshops to complete the initial vision for the project.  Construction is targeted to begin in 2011.