An affordable and
replicable mixed-use housing prototype

Designed for Seattle’s most common NC-zoned lot size to replicate easily and affordably.

Keeping it simple
This is a prototypical design for a 10,000 square-foot mixed-use infill project in Seattle’s Neighborhood Commercial zoning.  It is designed specifically for the 40 foot-wide lots that are ubiquitous throughout the city.  It is a replicable prototype with a base development program and façade design that can be adapted specific to each location.  The building has six to ten residential units (depending on site zoning) over 3,000 square feet of commercial space that can flexibly be divided into smaller suites as desired.  Through the design of a single open-air stairway servicing the entire building, the project provides cross-ventilation, natural light, and egress to all units in the center of the building without diminishing net rentable efficiency.  Combined with a grade level foundation and limited parking, the design reduces overall construction costs by approximately 30% relative to comparable mixed-use projects.  The result is an efficient design with flexibility in unit layout not typically found in buildings with long or deep proportions and a pro forma that affords significant reduction in rental levels, targeting workforce affordability.  Shared access to the open-air stair core integrates the ground-level commercial space with the residential community, creating a small-scale vertical neighborhood.

FIX’s Role
FIX developed this design in 2012 as a means of proving development viability for the smallest of mixed-use infill sites with the belief that there is economic and social value in providing small-scale projects.  The designs were reviewed by SDCI through their pre-submittal permitting process.

Size10,000 SF, 8-12 units
LocationSeattle, WA
ProgramA prototype design for mixed-use
residential, to be replicated
throughout Seattle on NC-zoned
RoleMarket analysis
Project management
ImpactHousing: A replicable and sustainable housing prototype that increases density through urban infill.