FIX provides strategic support to Seattle’s Office of Economic Development

Driving positive outcomes by bolstering program viability across city agencies and across private and public sectors.

Bridging public and private sector
In 2016 Seattle was the fastest growing major city in the US, adding 21,000 people.  Seattle is also leading the US in the rate of increase in household income and price of real estate.  This pace of growth creates challenges and opportunities, many of which fall to the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development (OED) to help stoke and alleviate.  Within the last three years, the OED, in collaboration with other public agencies, has developed and guided policy initiatives and programs on critical issues across all sectors and aspects of Seattle’s economy, including preservation of industrial lands and jobs, stimulating innovation and affordability for businesses of all scales, increasing racial and social equity, and enabling the growth of diverse cultural and artistic organizations.

Large-scale positive change must work in tandem across private and public sectors.  Our private sector experience and mix of research, design and development capabilities has supported the OED by bolstering program viability in market. 

FIX’s Role
Beginning in 2015, the OED has contracted FIX to advise and provide program and policy support to various ongoing initiatives.   FIX has integrated with the OED team, using a variety of methods including facilitation, policy research and strategy, design, business and financial modeling, and communications.  We have contributed to the Equitable Development Initiative, industrial lands policy, Commercial Affordability Initiative, the equitable disposition of Fire Station 6, the adaptive reuse of King Street Station, and with the Film & Music group on increasing Seattle’s regional competitiveness in film and virtual reality production.