FIX publishes an original book of Seattle statistics and cultural influencers.

FIX has produced this work of research on our city’s real estate market and collection of neighborhoods as a way of better understanding communities and highlighting impacts of growth.

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Mining quantitative data for qualitative experience and values
In 2010, Seattle was the second most vital city in the country after New York City, as an index of per capita income, college attainment, and poverty levels.  Our metropolitan area had one of the nation’s largest GDP’s at nearly one quarter of a trillion dollars.  And we were among the top 10 fastest to recover from the Great Recession.  We outperformed national averages in both large and small scale business with more than 20% of our companies having fewer than 20 people and the University of Washington receiving the second most sponsored funding of any public university with nearly $1.5B.  And we had growth in old and new economies with manufacturing employment up 11% versus a 5% decrease nationally.  These are among the many reasons that Seattle was and continues to be an extraordinary growth market.  And when you consider the constraints of Seattle’s geography, with limited land area hemmed in by waterways and extreme topography, it becomes clear why our real estate market has been as explosive as it’s been.  But there’s more to Seattle’s appeal than the numbers…

 FIX created this original research as a way of better understanding our city and highlighting the tensions that come with growth.  The book reanalyzes census tract data by reconfiguring it to the actual boundaries of our neighborhoods and identifies the cultural influencers to provide a more nuanced look at each of our neighborhoods at one point in time.

Zoom in on the neighborhoods that make up this market, and you’ll see the qualities and complexities of Seattle’s real estate market — the collection of people and places with unique demographics and cultural nuances that make places distinct and attractive.  These are the hole-in-the-walls, the music venues and street art, and the youth associations that have been taking kids off the street one baseball or chess game at a time.  These are the individual cultural magnets that draw our interest to places, creating demand stay put, to line-up, move-in and build-up.  These are the reason there’s tension in our growth, putting at odds the desire to preserve and protect unique experiences with the value and instinct to share and replicate those experiences.

FIX’s Role
FIX created this self-published book of Seattle neighborhoods as a way of understanding our city better and articulating this tension.  The work is a survey of neighborhoods – 50 in total – along with a few outliers in the nearby metropolitan area.  It contains original demographic analysis that re-maps US Census tracts by Seattle neighborhood by cross-tabulating the data geo-spatially.  It has historical research on the arts and culture of each community and a development survey of every neighborhood.  It defines the cultural magnets and social influencers that provide each area with its character and personality.  The book has provided our clients with a sense of how we go about appreciating place, blending quantitative analysis, geography and an understanding of the personal, more qualitative character that all adds up to more than the simple sum of its parts.

View or download the book here.