New architectural strategies for creating vibrant public spaces.

Exciting new strategies using landscape, vertical circulation and multiple levels of public access to create spaces that stimulate community interaction.

Circulation is the program
There is an exciting attitude about the role that architecture can play in creating vibrant public spaces. Architects, urban designers and landscape architects are blurring the lines between traditional public spaces like plazas and vertical or enclosed architecture typically hosted by private companies and organizations. The results are new forms and program ideas, creating exciting spaces for people to experience their cities and each other.  In these new design strategies, supported by new construction and fabrication techniques, architecture is playing with circulation in a way that was traditionally used by landscape architects, designing the ground and walkways into multiple levels that pass through and on top of the architecture.  The gestures are inherently democratic: the building object is yielding to the people milling about it.

At FIX, we find this trend exciting for the implications it has for providing more equitable and stimulating public spaces within both the public and private sectors. We believe that spaces can help communities, companies, and individuals become more effective, creative and productive.  The more excuses we can design into our spaces to delight and stimulate interaction with one another, the more that becomes true.

This book is a small collection of precedents we’ve collected, exploring this new trend.