Cascade Bicycle Club builds a new $2MM HQ & learning center

The country’s largest bicycle advocacy organization opens an 8,000-square-foot headquarters to influence statewide policy and improve lives by getting more people riding more safely.

A new headquarters to enable the mission
Cascade Bicycle Club (CBC) is the largest bicycle advocacy organization in the country with more than 17,000 members.  Its mission is to improve lives through cycling using education and policy.  Although their focus is on outcomes that are outside of their offices — the the infrastructure, communities and policies throughout Washington state — the quality of their offices had historically been a limiting factor.  Prior to 2014, CBC was cramped into modest offices on short term-leases which stymied their ability to attract and retain top talent, run educational programs, and host advocacy events including fundraising which are all critical for the organization.

CBC’s prior office was limiting its ability to deliver its mission, to attract and retain top talent, fundraise, host educational events, and build community.  Even for a lean values-based non-profit, the space matters.

In 2016, following its merger with WA Bikes, CBC opened a new $2MM 8,000-square-foot headquarters and learning center in Magnusson Park, Seattle.  The new facility, designed by ZGF and built by Hoffman Construction, is just off the Burke Gilman Trail and centered around a member clubhouse and event space where the organization runs a rich calendar of programming for public policy officials and urbanists, as well as members and burgeoning bicycle enthusiasts.  The new facility also houses CBC’s 40-person staff with an open office plan ringed by conference and break-out rooms.  Behind the headquarters is a bike maintenance and repair shop along with storage for the hundreds of bikes the organization loans and gives away.  And in front of the facility, overlooking Lake Washington, is an outdoor traffic garden to innovate new infrastructure designs and teach cyclists how to ride safely.

FIX’s Role
FIX worked with Cascade Bicycle Club and its board to assist the organization in raising the funds for the facility and project manage the building’s design and construction.