Byrd Barr Place creates national model for African American land trusts.

Building on our work with Africatown, Byrd Barr (formerly Centerstone) has hired FIX to create a portable tool kit to help communities of color create long-term land ownership nationally.

Fostering long-term equitable growth strategies nationally
Byrd Barr Place (formerly Centerstone) is a non-profit organization that creates a more equitable Seattle through programs and advocacy that enable people to live healthier, prosperous lives.  In 2017, they collaborated with Africatown in the Central Area neighborhood, in creating a community land trust to acquire property and generate long-term land ownership within the African American community.  That model is proving successful in burgeoning projects at Midtown Center and Liberty Bank.  To grow the influence on equitable development nationally, Byrd Barr Place, along with community partners, is building a tool kit for replicating the model with the intention of distributing it, open source, to communities of color throughout the country.  The organization has hired FIX to guide the team in developing the project which is due to be completed by the end of 2018.